Red lipstick can turn a bad makeup day into a v good one, especially if you find that red hot shade that compliments your complexion. You could literally wear nothing but lashes and with a spicy red lip and it'll look put together without even trying. I don't even really love wearing lipstick (more of a lip balm kind of girl, to be honest) but I love the way a red lip instantly changes my mood and is a confidence booster. These are my ride-or-die reds that you totally need in your life:

1. Sephora Cream Stain in Always Red is actually the best red lipstick you will ever own. It is a classic matte red with the perfect amount of blue undertones that'll make your teeth look white. The doe foot applicator makes for perfect application if you have a steady hand, so take your time. A bold red like this one looks best when the edges are clean and sharp. Minimal touch ups required with this one which is ideal for me. Oh also, its only $14! 

2. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red is such a staple. All of the Nars lip pencils are incredible and literally every makeup artist swears by them. They even made it to ITG's Top 20 Awards 2016  so you know its good. Mysterious Red is a rich red that makes your lips look velvety and expensive. That's a thing! With it being a pencil, you're able to stay in the lines for that perfect red pout. The only downside is that you have to sharpen it (this one is the best!) but I'll live.

3. Glossier Generation G in Zip is a poppy red that really livens up your face. The formula of this matte lipstick (seeing a trend here?) is totally different from other lipsticks. Its dry but moisturizing? Its sheer but can pack a punch of color? Its great. For me, this is an easy/casual red that I can slap on without even looking. All colors of these Generation G lipsticks are great so if you wanted try them, you definitely should here!