Little by little, piece by piece, I am adding quality into my wardrobe. Sure, I'd like for everything I own to be designer, but your girl isn't there just yet. I'm not huge on accessories (maybe you could tell from past posts?) but I will happily dabble in a hat if I can find one that fits my peanut head. Not kidding. Although I'm so into my Selena Quintanilla meets train conductor cap, this hat takes the top spot right now. For what seems like forever now, I've been lusting over a Janessa Leoné hat and when I saw a promo for 30%, I immediately placed my order. Janessa Leoné hats are all handmade and I can literally feel the quality on my head. Is that even possible? Yes. I already know I want another one (or two...control yourself, Noella) for the summer! So here is Aya, the perfect wide brim hat with a luxe silk band that gives me some Jimi Hendrix vibes as soon as I have it on. I'm into it.

Hat: Janessa Leone (here)

Coat: Topshop (here)

TLSP T-shirt (here)



The solution to your regular "what to wear" dilemma. A jumpsuit is a no brainer because you don't need to match anything to it. In fact, you can trick someone into thinking you spent a solid amount of time getting ready, when in fact, all I did is zip this on and add heels and I'm out the door. This jumpsuit is a great khaki color but if you are more adventurous, then even try a print that adds a little something extra to the world's most simplest outfit. 

Jumpsuit: Zara (here)

Heels: Topshop

Clutch: Acne Studios

Earrings: Vanessa Mooney (here)



Alex Turner once sang in lust of a girl in a cheetah print coat named Arabella. I mean my name kinda rhymes, right? Granted, this is definitely leopard print and I only ever dream of Turner dedicating a song to me, but this coat gives me major "I'm with the band" kind of vibes. Just the kind of style I'm into! So, here's this look, an ode to my inner rockstar and/or pop star. Because at one point, I wanted to be that too...


T-shirt//similar here and here





Keychain//Skinny Dip