A great pair of true blue jeans is a must in my closet year round. I need to give my black skinnies a rest every once in a while. These vintage Levi's are one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now because of the light wash and straight leg fit. I know all about having to cuff pants because they're too long and bunching up at the ankles or dragging on the ground (short people problems). But cuffing the hems isn't just a solution, it's a quick little styling technique that adds a little something extra to your look.

There are a million and one ways to style denim but I am already in fall mode and begging for the weather to cool down so I can wear my leather jacket as freely as I wish. Today, I decided I would take the slight breeze as a sign that I should throw it on, pairing it with a lace cami and a skinny scarf. (Side note: I'm currently loving neckties and skinny scarves so prepare to see more of them!) I'm super excited to start being able to layer again for this season and experiment with my style. Now I just need to wait patiently for Fall to come around to Los Angeles... 

Jeans: Vintage Levi's

Cami: Topshop

Leather Jacket: AllSaints

Bag: Topshop